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PRISM Pro Suite Items




The reservations provides for the management of key operational informamtion for members and reservations.

  • Manage members, associates, guests, reciprocals and staff information
  • Make and review reservations (multi-calendar presentation, tabbed sections for forward/reverse entry)
  • Manage threads of credit and reservations notes (with expiration dates)
  • RV/boat storage (flexible billing, inventory, spotting, and automated invoicing)
  • Manage free days/weeks
  • Manage multiple ownership
  • Manage associates and guests
  • Review admissions (entry and exit)
  • Color coding for new member, membership dues status, credit notations, security notations.

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The Questor modules provides for quick, global access for information about units and members.

  • Unit availability: For a date range and unit type
  • Unit status: For a unit for a 4 month spread (graphic calendar presentation)
  • Unit usage: For given day, for all unit types
  • Scheduled check-in: For a given day, for a member number/name
  • Admission in/out activity: For a given day

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Portal requests

Process reservation requests from member portal.

  • Requests are stored in a queue for easy processing
  • Seamless integration with the ResPro Reservations Wizard
  • Seamless integration with the Member Portal

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