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Innovative computer solutions for niche business and industry needs.

Hilltop Ridge specializes in commercial software development and custom applications for DNA/forensics labs, corporate intranet/extranet, marketing systems, private member resorts, business-to-business portals, and other specialty business solutions.


Our Products

The PRISM Pro Suite: An applications suite of web and Windows applications working together to meet the unique needs of the private member resort industry. We can customize to meet your needs.

The MIDAS Q Framework: A web based marketing system that encapsulates campaign management, nurturing, friendly data entity mapping, versitile filter templates, detail cost tracking, artifact management, task scheduling, reporting and customizable data export/import.

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Customer/Technical Support

Applications must be able to grow along with your business. You need to know that the development team will be there for you when you need them.
If you do need technical support, in most cases you will talk directly with the developers of the products. You want to talk to the owner? You may already be doing that. How much better can you get?

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About Hilltop Ridge

Hilltop Ridge is a small, privately owned software development company and believes that niche businesses should have affordable customized software solutions for leveraging their experience and ours to address specific business and industry needs. One size does not fit all... But you don't have to start from scratch, either. Think about it...

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